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Ìrànlọ́wọ́ is a set of utilities to analyze & process Yorùbá text for NLP tasks. The focus is on helping software developers build large, clean text datasets for (further) diacritic restoration and machine translation tasks.


ADR tools

  • [X] Strip all diacritics from word-types
  • [X] Verify that text is NFC or NFD
  • [X] Canonicalize a corpus (from MS Word or elsewhere) → NFC
  • [X] Split long sentences on certain characters like ;,:, etc
  • [X] Automatically restore correct diacritics using a pre-trained model
  • [X] Find all variants of all word-type in a given corpus
  • [ ] Partially strip diacritics from word-types

Ready to use webpage scrapers

  • [X] Bíbélì Mímọ́
  • [X] Yoruba Bible - Bible Society of Nigeria
  • [ ] Yorùbá Blog
  • [ ] BBC Yorùbá

Corpus analysis tools

  • [X] Dataset character distribution
  • [X] Dataset ambuiguity statistics → Lexdif, etc for a given corpus
  • [ ] Dataset scoring (proximity to correctly diacritized text, LM perplexity, KL divergence)


Obtainable from the Python Package Index (PyPI) → pip install iranlowo


  • Show computing environment and installation process

  • Diacritize a phrase
  • Diacritize phrases, note we use ipython only because it renders nicer, easy-to-read text-colours in the terminal!


This is beta software, if you pass the diacritizer out-of-domain text, English, pidgin or any other non-Yorùbá text, you will experience very marvelous, black-box results.

Since this a work-in-progress and we are steadily improving, if you encounter any problems with correctness or performance, please submit pull-requests with corrections or file an issue.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.